MKE-Week 18: How Can I Prepare to Knit?

coffee and purple knit cozy under it

Midway through the “Essential Oils for Abundant Living” (EO4AL) of the chiropractor Dr. Z. and his wife Mama Z, I was racking up natural healing and household care do-it-yourself how-tos and guidance on usage of essential oils.  I’m just starting my next Master’s term with the course Health Education and Communication, which I think is complemented by my MKE work (with confirmation of the Holy Spirit!!)!

I got close to finishing a Michael Hyatt podcast, I was referred to, to guide me in God’s Mission for me…

I very expectantly attended my 3rd week (after a loooong hiatus since Week 2’s coaching session) for a total of 1.5 hours of PinPoint Coaching for an affordable, paid life coaching program, after doing my homework reading and writing.  Progress is happening!  She encouraged me not to stress over a possible career reentry and change as a middle-aged woman…

Lush Nature-Genesis 1

And, I continued my way meandering through the Content Repurposing Challenge…It gave me food-for-thought; also, I got my immediate questions answered after I read the daily printouts.

Furthermore, I was able to spend about 3 hours taking notes from the 2nd of 2 webinars o get me to hone in on my life’s Vision/Mission for 2018!  Extremely helpful and timely!!



On Thursday, I tried–for my initial attempt with some essential oil (EO) supplies–pipettes for filling 2 to 3 drops in gelatin capsules for internal use and rollerball bottles for topical applications that need to be diluted with a carrier oil to avoid skin sensitivity.  How EXCITING!!  I’ve recently included prayer over my EOs that I diffuse, with great effects, although not scientifically able to be measured.  A major step for me was to initiate contact with a well-known entrepreneur whose email list I am on, regarding EOs  {Look of nervous trepidation…!Yet curious outlook…[as pointed out in last MKE Week’s Hero’s Journey webcast]}

One important task to follow-up on from Week 3’s PinPoint Coaching was to only spend about 5 minutes of prayer nightly for 21 days (The number of days to change a habit.), increasing it by 5 minutes every 21 days until I reach the amount of time specified in my Definite Major Purpose (DMP), as a SMART Goal…

Then, on Friday, I actually placed an initial call to the aforementioned entrepreneur’s office, getting working contact information–a MAJOR STEP for me!!  While running errands, I performed a little bit of research to back up subsequent communication (if any) with those offices.

MKE-wise, not only did I read MKE-Week 18 slides (hadn’t yet watched its replay…), but also checked to see if I needed to update the Plan of Action (POA) index cards for Weeks 13 through 18…As I don’t think there’s a compounding effect of writing POAs or SERVICE index cards for previous weeks that I completed after-the-fact (LOL!); as opposed to writing on the index cards, completing the POA/SERVICE each week, AND celebrating with an enthusiastic tone daily during 3 sets of reads…“Subby [the subconscious] don’t play that!”

smiley face, winking & licking chops


Major advancement!  On Saturday I returned to MKE-Week 9 daily tasks completing the vast majority of Day 2’s tasks; doing my best…I even updated the sheets with the colored shapes, rehanging (omitted SMART numbered Goal on the Blue Rectangle) in more strategic living spaces…Another PinPoint Coaching follow-up was to alternate with 1:2 different digestion-enhancing EOs in water every other day.  But, instead of rushing in and “jumping the gun,” I performed some computer-aided research on those 2 EOs FIRST!!  HaHa!  On the last day of Week 18, I completed its SERVICE, for my 1st SERVICE written since Week 12 (ended 12/24/17 I believe)…It’s taking me awhile to get back into the pre-Christmas MKE daily habits…

I went over 5 peer-reviewed (The “Gold Standard” of research) articles on EOs mostly, to help people with ailments, as I feel more confident…I also managed to do the most time-consuming part of my weekly OATS planning for the upcoming weekdays, namely several hours (Yikes!!) of sorting my February tickler paper piles, re-prioritizing by day, week, or month.

To Transforming A Yarn,

Shelley D.



MKE-Week 17 Hero’s Journey: Changing My “Wool” Identity

Well, focusing on the Hero’s Journey (HJ) this week…I started to revamp my LinkedIn profile, to start to “merge best of [me] NOW, and who [I] intend to BE!” (1/21/18 MKE webcast).  I was really inspired by the TEDTalk aired during this week’s 1/21/18 webcast, with a leg amputee shero model and her proclaiming that we all need to “become [the] architect of [our] own identity!!” (Aimee…, February 2009).

Changing My Identity-wooden easter-eggs

To help with my identity as a young Baby Boomer, who was prematurely gray(!), I downloaded my American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) iOS App,…so many benefits to being a member…”Let me count the WAYS…” (Shakespeare quote??).  I think the sheer numbers of Baby Boomers who are approaching or are in their senior years will “re-fashion” (A play-on-words with the story of Aimee the model…) how aging is perceived!!

Spotlight on Open Bible at Night
The Light of Our Heavenly Father guiding my Hero’s Journey!

Furthermore, what spoke to me during the MKE-Week 17 HJ webcast was not only to “Augment the miracle of [my] birth, [but to apply the] Law of Substitution [and] embrace [my] challenges as opportunities” (This also was said in Mandino’s Scroll I reading.)!!  All of that quote was on a very intense and meaningful webcast slide!

Venturing “out” somewhat, I asked a housemate if she wants to order any organic food with my groceries, what logistically that would involve…I’d recently tried a delivery order from her large suburban grocer and found out that they hardly have ANY organic groceries; and, as she’s a smoker, I thought that she might want to supplement her regular groceries, with some healthier options…In line, more-and-more each week with my True Health Personal Pivotal Need (PPN)!  Soon after chatting with her I set aside 4+ hours and completed my second Master’s degree term Final Exam for Health Behavior Theory, getting 88% right!!  Yay!  I’m on the WAY!

Black Graduate with Scroll

I finally registered and started the Module 1 Lessons in the free Guthacking beta test, to try to learn how to fix my yearlong gut health issues…

microbiome in gut


Furthering my True Health PPN, I also started a 10-day free viewing of short, scientifically based essential oil videos by chiropractor Dr. Z. and his wife Mama Z., called “Essential Oils for Abundant Living” (EO4AL); and, they are also Christian, talking a little about using prayer with their EO use as well.



A great complement to EO4AL was an hourlong Discovery Session I had with a Naturopathic Doctor (ND), whose 5-day informational detox challenge I had just completed, winning the Grand Prize and some free supplements, as I was the only participant to complete all of the requirements!  “Free Time is Forearmed!??” {I’m trying to adapt the saying:  “Forewarned is forearmed.” or some-such adage… 😉  }

African American female doctor

Then, working on my other PPN, Legacy, I progressed through the free Recipe for Linked In Success beta test, with its deadline fast approaching…!

salvador-dali-Surreal Clock


THEN, on the last day I worked on the LI beta, I started a 7-Day Content Repurposing Challenge.  I didn’t want to pass up on learning to repurpose content!…  Another salient and timely quote from the Week 17HJ webcast is:  “It’s never the ‘right time’ to do ANYTHING!!” (1/21/18)



I got in some prayer on Thursday, restarted some brief knitting on Friday (after a many-months’ break); and then those 2 episodes of relaxing me-time prepared me to be on hold with the Post Office for 2 HOURS!!?!  Huh?  OMG!!

Aside from attending the webcast and writing for the blog, not done any MKE work…I did JUST complete my last graded work for school though!  So, I’m currently in the 1st Hero’s “Death” stage of Denial still…”Missing reads and Sits [with Master Key’s weekly Lessons and of Mandino’s Scroll II’s last 14 days-or-so]…and NOT being [in the MKE] 100%”  Simultaneously, I’ve been in and out of the 2nd stage of Anger, moving past frustration at the Definite Major Purpose’s (DMP) software’s limited word-count!  Now, I appreciate this software and my one episode of CURSING at it quickly passed…

Success compass
The compass of my DMP to achieve ultimate success on my Hero’s Journey!!

We’ll see which stage I’m at the next few weeks!

To Transforming A Yarn,

Shelley D.

MKE-Week 17: “Pick ME!!” (says sheep)

Sheep - What Are You Doing?

As I progress in “knitting the project of my life,” I am at the point of selecting what type of “wool fiber” I’d like to work with, and I continue to gain insight with the help of the MKE.  I go some headshots done (in a garden!) for my LinkedIn profile, that was very affordable, as not done by a professional.  All throughout the weekdays, I participated in an information-only challenge on how to detox, led by a licensed naturopathic doctor (ND)…

I made headway on answering some introductory questions, guiding me to what my current Mission (from God) is!!…Very interesting!

Starting around mid-week, I continued preparations for my daily MKE-Week 9’s readings, including moving my Affirmations to their own index card (I’ll see why we did this when I get to start reading Haanel’s Master Key, Lesson 9…).

For some “Me Time,” I started to read from my recently downloaded Bible App Genesis 1, which really drew me to the wonder of Nature and how it demonstrates God’s Glory, with its story of Creation.  Lush Nature-Genesis 1I’d read it years ago, but this reading really SPOKE to me!!  😉

So, even with a little spiritual time, I hiccupped a couple of Week 8’s/Day 7’s (1 day I did 1 period of, 3 total needed, readings and the next day I did 2 of them, 3 total, needed readings!!  LOL!) as my studies prevented me looking in my organizer for where I left off…

I DID drink a fiber and non-allergen-based, vegetarian protein powders’ drink, with a prayer; and the combination might have helped me complete getting through my 2nd and longest set of MKE Day 7’s readings, which included 15+-minute Sit.

I continued to watch videos in a course on LinkedIn use, even though I couldn’t do nearly all of the homework (for expert and sister classmates’ feedback) before access ends late-January 2018.  This helped me advance my Legacy Personal Pivotal Need (PPN).   Meanwhile, I was catching up on readings for the term’s Final Exam at school.

The start of the weekend also saw me start MKE-Week 9 daily tasks, completing Day 1’s first 2 sets of readings.  I also managed to squeeze in a 10- to 12-minute outdoor walk on a beautiful day!!  Beautiful Day in SE DCAnd, I got in 1 day of prayer!!

I ran into an acquaintance who pays his living expenses from selling Street Sense, which has articles by and about the homeless in my city (This newspaper might have branches in a few other countries, but I think the majority are possibly in the U.S.).  I found myself stressing over whether I had any spare cash (from my fixed income) that week to buy a few issues from him…I quickly re-did my budget in my head, then figured that I could give him the $10 ($4 extra) for) 3 issues!  I would keep 1 and handout the other 2 to others I encounter in the public {This would end up being part of my fulfilling the MKE Law of Giving!!}.  I even got a kiss on the cheek from him!  Celebrating & Smiling AA Woman

“See abundance within and without!  Then, we can create abundance on-demand!!” (1/14/18 MKE webcast)

As the weekend continued, I threw out many, what I-previously-considered-“natural”, facial care products due to some questionable ingredients (resulting partly from ND’s detox challenge this week)!  As the groceries I’d just had delivered included 7 bottled juices of varying ingredients, I was trying to have one-per-day during the next week!!  We’ll see…

smiley face, winking & licking chops

Just in case I didn’t win the Detox Challenge’s Grand Prize, I booked a Discovery Session with its ND to flesh out my all-around natural health methods needed.

To Transforming A Yarn,

Shelley D.

MKE-Week 16: Shopping for the Wool

Herd of Sheep at the Farmhouse Gate

To continue from Week 15’s progress…Although still finishing MKE-Week 8, and preparing Week 9 index cards, I joined all of the other MKE’rs in noting each daily kindness either that I demonstrated or that I saw that others showed; and reporting on at least 2 of those daily in the Members Area.  What a JOY this was all week!!

mindset-Retrain Your Brain  Once again, on a Monday I made, what I call generally a Tropical Fruit Smoothie, with 2 to 4 servings of organic fruit…and I felt less congested due to airborne allergens!  On Tuesday, I was actually able to complete an entire day of MKE readings (Week 8/Day 5 of 7), doing the required amount, split over 3 periods of time.  After my mindset issue during my first graduate school term (just past), translating early-2016 2nd type of Bachelors studies’ mentality, to 1.5-year hiatus’, to (finally) Masters degree studies’ mindset in my current 2nd term, I felt that progress had been made–in large part due to the MKE work I had done!!  A helpful kindness I experienced this week was a new Facebook Friend’s posting of a list of inspiring Bible quotes–I met her within a Prayer Challenge–that I plan to make copies of on index cards to hand out to people I meet when I go out as part of the MKE-related Law of Giving…

Open Bible in Autumn


This week I managed to get in TWO days of prayer (1 more than last week, so progress!!).  Not only did I finally read MKE’s Mark J’s example of a Press Release (for help in writing my own for posting within my blog), but also completed all 3 sets of Week 8’s Day 6 MKE readings!!  Woohoo!

Now, over the weekend…I created a new, “throw in various kitchen foods available” vegetarian spaghetti with gluten-free noodles, that turned out quite WELL…If I DO say so myself!  I was able to catch a sale of a raw food cookbook for essential oils (EOs), as I’d been wondering whether I could actually cook EO-based dishes with HEAT…And, I paid a nominal fee to learn the latest on how to run a Facebook Group!  Yay!!  I was able to use up most of my 64 earned points to order my monthly EOs, which left me happy...Speaking of EOs…I immediately found my Frankincense (or “Jesus in a bottle!”) after I focused, like a magnifying glass (so poignantly explained by Mark J in an earlier webcast!), to LOOK for it!!  I ended up finishing MKE-Week 8/Day 7’s 3 sets of readings split once-per-day over 3 consecutive days (LMHO!), as I was concentrating on my Masters’ term’s Final Assignment…Well, the MKE does say:

“Do your best; and do it consistently, to retrain subby [each person’s subconscious]!!”

— To paraphrase…I attended Sunday’s MKE-Week 17 webcast AND finetuned my Final Assignment, submitting it for grading in time!

To Transforming A Yarn,

Shelley D.

MKE-Week 15: Starting with the Sheep…

Sheep and Handknit Fabrics

To switch the pattern of my posts (I couldn’t find my Daily Checklists for this week!  LOL!), I’m going in chronological order…Maybe it’ll show an immediate progression?  Or, it might demonstrate an overall example of progress!  Maybe the week just after Christmas will show stagnation…?

3 different smoothies-Trinity in Action

On New Year’s Day, I celebrated with a “Pineapple Dream Smoothie,” that not only included 4 servings of immune-boosting organic orange and yellow fruits, but an alkalyzing superfood green powder…To satisfy my True Health Personal Pivotal Need (PPN)!  Other than also getting in 4.5 servings of organic vegetables (with 1.25 servings of potato chips and dip sandwiched between the smoothie and vegetables!!), I was focused on making headway in a Health Education graduate school assignment on the merits of and on applying multiculturalism.

The next day, I had an entertaining conversation with a pest control technician on potential natural ways not only of pest control, but also to personally detox…My True Health PPN shining through again!  Midweek found me doing some initial airborne allergen control in my immediate environment; and, I was blessed with the early arrival of the “gift” of 2 large boxes of medical supplies on my porch, lightly covered from a brief snow going on in the late-night hours!  A reminder of God’s majesty!!  Then, I downloaded and tried out an interior-design iOS app, thinking it would help me achieve a part of my Definite Major Purpose (DMP)’s idea for a newly-built pre-fabricated house, only to find this app was not very open-ended or creative in what designs you could perform with it!  Ah well…

Stone Country House

For the weekend, I got a little “me time” by visiting a yarn shop and planning my next 2 projects, after many months of not knitting…

While I got started taking notes in a course on how to best use Linked In, I made my first outreach to help a friend with essential oils…Much professional progress going on!!  MKE-wise, I DID publish my Weeks 12 and 13 blog posts, attend the Sunday webcast for the main part (its first 1.5 hours); and, finally was able to plunk myself down, revise my DMP, then at long last submitted it exactly at 8:44 am EST on Monday, January 8, 2018!!  The end of the weekend saw me manage to get in 45+ minutes of prayer (fulfilling a Plan Of Action/POA!)…Sundays are great prayer days!!

To Transforming A Yarn,

Shelley D.

MKE-Week 14: PPNs Developing…

knitting & Christmas - 2017

There were a few areas that were emphasized this week, specifically:  oriented towards my Personal Pivotal Needs (PPNs) of True Health and (recently updated to be) Legacy; and especially the MKE during Christmas week.  My physical health was most important, what with the typical holiday feast served (that a friend cooked) and stressing over writing my Week 6 Assignment for graduate school…

I started the week using an individual essential oil (EO) on my wrists for groundedness (after drinking several cups of coffee…) when I took my Plan of Action (POA) weekly outdoor walk; the EO was very effective.  The rest of the week I diffused an EO blend that’s full of Christmas scents, keeping me in the festive spirit!!  Aside from getting in a walk, I tried a (Christmas present) neck and back massager several ways, and with a muscle-relaxing cream and was nicely surprised!

I also have been regularly using some supplements, namely:  joint/muscle help; essential fatty acids; and, continuing with enzymes (for gut/digestive issues).

microbiome in gut

I had, what’s regularly happening now, an “inexplicable” event:  The same day that I entered my new health insurance’s telephone number in my cellphone, I received its Welcome Packet in the mail!  I fulfilled another POA by making my first recipe for a women’s health study I just joined (A week late, as my free access to the recipe book, ended suddenly and I had to order and get physical book in the mail!!

Then, when I started to feel fatigued and congested, I applied 1 to 2 drops of an EO in my palm, rubbed my palms together and breathed deeply from cupped hands a few times and what RELIEF!!  However, the next day the very same EO under the tongue (accidentally was 2> drops, which I knew was too many, but couldn’t be avoided!)…Oooo, did it sting my eyes for about 60 Looong seconds!!

Lastly, regarding my Legacy PPN, I began this week updating my graduate school term’s Week 6 Assignment by revising my 3 SMART Goals and 8 Objectives, that might lead to professional projects to actualize in the real world!  On the same day (the day after Christmas), I watched Week 6 of MKE Digital Solutions on Twitter; and, I filled in my “New Year Vision”!  Yay!!

I also, 2 days later, re-did Week 3 (of 5) work for a life coaching program that I am participating in….and Week 17 of the MKE concluded with prayer time with God and completing initial preparation work for a free Linked In beta test that just started attending!

To Transforming A Yarn,

Shelley D.



MKE-Week 13: Cozy Coffee is Brewing!

coffee and purple knit cozy under it

Some highlights of the week were:  I caught up and completed all notetaking during a 2-week Facebook event (Oil Camp) on essentials oils’ information, accompanied by “tips and tricks” (Whew!); I reached my new allergen-protecting products’ nonprofit supplier (IDEAs for my own social entrepreneurship  venture!), getting helpful advice on their usage for my situation; and, mixing my first, lasting Do-It-Yourself (DIY) “recipe” — my earlier one had to be thrown out due to sensibilities!  Lmho!!out

A little progress in this week of MKE…I actually achieved 6 days of completing my rising/ upon waking activities, yet only 1 SIT (aiming for 15 minutes in length).  However, I started the Sit sooo late (I stayed up, only starting the Midday MKE activities after 4 AM!) or EARLY-AM(??; and, I nodded off asleep “midway-of-the-Midday” (haha!), but “awoke” and finished with the Sit by 7:30 AM!  OMG….LOLL (Laughing Out Loud Loudly)!!  That’s gotta be the WILDEST “Midday” ever!  I think that I need my full Prayer Time with God to come before my Midday, when possible.  I tried it once and it worked out pretty well.

In relation to my Pivotal Personal Need (PPN) True Health, my MD approved a whole looong list of essential oils (EOs) that I can use (He has the patience of a saint!),  I got advice on how to clean my water bottle’s filter, I was able to pay “donation”-type payment for a test of my gut’s microbiome, and I tried a natural essential-oil-based cleanser for a mildly energizing and mood-lifting effect!

Christmas Eve found me “snorting” (chortle, look up the definition; it’s a REAL word!!) diffuser puffs of a holiday EO blend, that I got for free, as I was “busy as a bee” cleaning an area in my bedroom (preparing for a last-minute stop of a visitor December 26th)!  Anyway…It gave me the push I needed to get my bedroom more neat-and-cozy (which has lasted through all of the revisions of my Definite Major Purpose/DMP!).  It’s AMAZING how neatening/cleaning 1 small area can end up being a multiple-step process!!  Normally, I straighten or clean regularly, but I’ve been busy with graduate school…Oh!  And, with the last week of Oil Camp!

Then, I was able to end the week on “Sunday” (It was “Sunday” series of tasks in my organizer, but just after 6 AM Monday, so I even missed Sunday by Hawaii Standard Time!!  Lmho!) with Prayer Time with God which was a feat for me…It happened though!

To Transforming A Yarn,

Shelley D.