MKE-Week 13: Cozy Coffee is Brewing!

coffee and purple knit cozy under it

Some highlights of the week were:  I caught up and completed all notetaking during a 2-week Facebook event (Oil Camp) on essentials oils’ information, accompanied by “tips and tricks” (Whew!); I reached my new allergen-protecting products’ nonprofit supplier (IDEAs for my own social entrepreneurship  venture!), getting helpful advice on their usage for my situation; and, mixing my first, lasting Do-It-Yourself (DIY) “recipe” — my earlier one had to be thrown out due to sensibilities!  Lmho!!out

A little progress in this week of MKE…I actually achieved 6 days of completing my rising/ upon waking activities, yet only 1 SIT (aiming for 15 minutes in length).  However, I started the Sit sooo late (I stayed up, only starting the Midday MKE activities after 4 AM!) or EARLY-AM(??; and, I nodded off asleep “midway-of-the-Midday” (haha!), but “awoke” and finished with the Sit by 7:30 AM!  OMG….LOLL (Laughing Out Loud Loudly)!!  That’s gotta be the WILDEST “Midday” ever!  I think that I need my full Prayer Time with God to come before my Midday, when possible.  I tried it once and it worked out pretty well.

In relation to my Pivotal Personal Need (PPN) True Health, my MD approved a whole looong list of essential oils (EOs) that I can use (He has the patience of a saint!),  I got advice on how to clean my water bottle’s filter, I was able to pay “donation”-type payment for a test of my gut’s microbiome, and I tried a natural essential-oil-based cleanser for a mildly energizing and mood-lifting effect!

Christmas Eve found me “snorting” (chortle, look up the definition; it’s a REAL word!!) diffuser puffs of a holiday EO blend, that I got for free, as I was “busy as a bee” cleaning an area in my bedroom (preparing for a last-minute stop of a visitor December 26th)!  Anyway…It gave me the push I needed to get my bedroom more neat-and-cozy (which has lasted through all of the revisions of my Definite Major Purpose/DMP!).  It’s AMAZING how neatening/cleaning 1 small area can end up being a multiple-step process!!  Normally, I straighten or clean regularly, but I’ve been busy with graduate school…Oh!  And, with the last week of Oil Camp!

Then, I was able to end the week on “Sunday” (It was “Sunday” series of tasks in my organizer, but just after 6 AM Monday, so I even missed Sunday by Hawaii Standard Time!!  Lmho!) with Prayer Time with God which was a feat for me…It happened though!

To Transforming A Yarn,

Shelley D.





MKE-Week 12: I’ve Got the Beginnings of My DMP!!

roll of yarn & partial knitting

The 3 highlights to my week were:  my MKE Certified Guide enthusiastically approved my “billboard (1-sentence summary) of my Definite Major Purpose or DMP; 2 accounts in collections were paid up and closed (FINALLY!); and, I was immersed in a 2-week Facebook Oil Camp event.  As I am still at the phase of in draft form for my DMP, my Guide’s approval was greatly appreciated!!  Yay!

Making headway in personal finances was important for future business or professional goals; not-to-mention, to lower stressors in my life…It freed me up to attend a 3.5-hour Creative Business Planning [online] Retreat, for some marketing guidance.  In addition, the Oil Camp taught me many things about essential oils from the company I order from.

Surprisingly, my DMP “billboard” allowed me to focus in on the foundation of my entire (maximum) 400-word version!  I want to try to read it once a month at least, for 70 minutes, as that’s a little more than the 60 minutes the MKE program states is scientifically proven to have positive effects; as I wouldn’t do it once-a-week that was recommended.  Also this week, after getting the needed supplies, I hung up the easiest Christmas lights available to buy; and they happened to be in the MKE “official” shape-colors–the lights are a little Mardi-Gras-esque!!  They are on the living room mantle, where most hang out…It really brightens my late-night hours especially!

I have tentatively changed my 2nd Pivotal Personal Need (PPN) from Helping Others, although this would simultaneously result out of my 2 PPNs, to my 2nd PPN of Legacy.  Since doing so, I had some more energy and in addition to learning about 1 low-investment business opportunity, I was informed about a  training for another one and signed up to do this series in January 2018!

Preparing supplies for the stress-reducing effect of knitting builds upon the stress relief of my progress in personal finances…Now I just need some needles in the correct sizes, to get started on the first (of a few) projected handknit gifts to give to those close to me in 2018…

To {Literally!  HaHa!} Transforming A Yarn,

Shelley D.





MKE-Week 11: “To Be or Not to Be…”

After my biggest MKE-related accomplishment being the enthusiastic speaking of my newly developed Definite Major Purpose (DMP) “billboard,” as a 1-sentence summary for 50 straight minutes… next came taking detailed notes of the Week 5 Digital Solutions webcast!  Davene you ROCK!!  So glad I stuck it out for the entire 50-minute recitation, as I felt more energized regarding my entire DMP!!  Yay!

handknit project & organizer-calendar

I started the week placing my sheets of colored shapes around my living area, while maintaining a slow pace by doing my MKE-Week 8 preparation and my MKE-Week 11 Service… catching up is still being worked on, but you’re not supposed to cram, as changing subby’s programming takes daily repeated actions!  Meanwhile, I kept around the same number of blocks of time spent in prayer as previous weeks…

Additionally to the spiritual health work (prayer), my Personal Pivotal Need (PPN) of True Health, physically I finally submitted the application for a free beta test that I hope to get me past a health issue that might have been progressing over the last 2 years in me…Can’t wait to start it!!  I found out that a carryout establishment in my neighborhood closed after a number of years, so I’ve relied on the only one left, albeit with much healthier options…

After the Sunday MKE-Week 12 webcast, 50-minute break to speak our 1-sentence DMP, and its Masterminding afterwards, although I was POOPED–speaking continuously for such a length of time!  Whew!! –but I instituted Mark J’s OATS productivity process (very casually, I might add!!  HaHa!), to organize the business week, that starts Monday, on the Sunday before.  I can see the need to limit substantial blocks of professional/business organizing time to the weekend before, so that you can focus your weekday activities to 9-5 calls (whether administrative, personal or income-generating in nature).  However, I’d already devoted my Sundays to go through piles of papers (for initial organizing preparation for the week ahead; and that takes anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours, depending on the size of the piles…LMHO!  I wish I only could delegate it to someone else…

To Transforming a Yarn,

Shelley D.

MKE-Week 10: What to Do…What to Do…

What to do?  What to do?  “I think I’ll pray!!”  What now?  What NOW?  “I think I’ll have a fruit smoothie!”  I managed to devote a block of time for the former at least 4 times this week (an improvement!), while the latter only happened 1 or 2 times…When most of my groceries are delivered, I don’t have total control over what and how much produce arrives that I can actually eat each week, but I’m adapting!!

abyss to large tree
From a low point to fruitfulness! ( image)

In addition to my work on spiritual and physical health (my Personal Pivotal Need/PPN of True Health), I made progress on some tasks related to foundational MKE work, such as:

  1. It solidified for me to not overburden myself with implementing techy how-to’s, at a frequency of at most every other day, if that!!
  2. I received my emergency allergy medications for the first time!  Yay!!
  3. I buckled down and wrote my revision of my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) from 120 index cards…WHEW!!
  4. I wrote and published my MKE-Week 8 blog post.
  5. My cable company blessed me in how they handled my payment, to avoid service interruption (due to a snafu that occurred!!
  6. I earmarked areas for my colored MKE SMART goals’ shape sheets to go where I’ll see them daily.  Yippee!
  7. Last-but-not-least, I realized whittling down my DMP word-count for submission goes quickly and easily when I am calm and peaceful (unlike the first time for this revision when I’d been up all night and CURSED at the DMP software…LOL!

To Transforming a Yarn,

Shelley D.

MKE-Week 9: Knitting the Heel

partially knit socks

This week I’m starting off with Personal Pivotal Need (PPN)-related blessings in my life.  There were a range of True Health (PPN 1 of 2) things I was grateful for, but mainly my nutrition was strong and combined daily fruits and vegetables, which I’m not always able to have access to a range of produce, but this week included several days of fruit smoothies and a kale-quinoa salad that lasted the whole week (Well worth the hour it took to cook and prepare it!!)!


3 different smoothies-Trinity in Action
The Holy Trinity in action:  Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit!

As this was the week for Thanksgiving (“Turkey Day”) feasts of “roast beast” (a la “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” fame), I partook in a scaled down serving of a friend’s expansive meal spread, as I’m currently experiencing a gut-related imbalance (My best guess…).  I have to say that this week I was particularly appreciative of ALL my meals, whether turkey, smoothies or small-sized desserts!!

How about you, what are you currently thankful for?

Lastly, relating to True Health, I completed the end of a 30-day trial for me to apply to be a long-term women’s nutritional health study participant…I hope that it will be able to give me some expert guidance on my specific situation.



microbiome in gut
What is going ON in my gut?




Down to the “Knitty-gritty” so-to-speak (LOL!  Afterall, this blog is called Telling a Yarn!!)…I had an inspiring talk with my MKE Certified Guide that allowed me to see how I could get back on track.  Then, I finally discovered the week 3 (of 5 total) of an unfinished personal development program PDFs, that I can now reschedule with my coach and attend PinPoint Coaching sessions, completing it ideally by mid-January 2018!  It’s amazing what you find in those “nooks and crannies”, huh?  THEN, I was able to, JUST in time, get my academic week’s graded Discussion post in without a late submission deduction; and, finished a series of edits on this course’s first Assignment, submitting it for grading 17 hours before its deadline on Sunday (at 7 am!  A little fatigued, but pleased!!).

All-in-all, although I’ve had to put my schoolwork as a top priority, the MKE exercises that I have been able to do, have given me focus and inspiration.  Compared to before when I was letting “Shiny Objects” divert my focus and being too concerned with maintaining my cement Buddha of past programming, instead of my Authentic God-given Self!!  Hallelujah!

To Transforming a Yarn,

Shelley D.


MKE-Week 8: What to Walk on…Knitting a Sock

My first 2 biggest accomplishments this week were the MKE-Weeks 3 and 4 Digital Solutions recorded webcasts!  I have to say, I’ve been having a fantastic time following Week 3’s referral to for free images!  Regarding the following Week’s webcast, I think that I’m starting to grasp about WordPress (WP) Share vs. Follow Us buttons and where on someone’s blog you might find them…The newer WP version, named after Sarah Vaughn(!), seems to be particularly user-friendly for Share button installation!  Yay!!

Two additional biggest accomplishments that I achieved, which are MKE-related, were:  The 3rd reading of Emerson’s Law of Compensation and an initial prioritizing of my 4 sets of Definite Major Purpose (DMP) index cards.  Emerson’s essay was a tough read the first 2 times…It didn’t help that I did the earlier readings after staying up the whole night!!  Yikes!  Doing it earlier and giving myself at least 1 hour to wade through the 19th Century wording was well worth the effort!  I grasped its concepts more fully the 3rd go-round, not-to-mention, I found my Christian insights to back up Emerson’s essay as well…Regarding my DMP, after watching the MKE-Week 6 webcast masterminding session afterward, I learned to write 20 to 30 index cards for each of 4 topics, including Things I Loved As A Kid and Things I Might Enjoy Experiencing Now.  My earlier filling out all of those 120(!!) index cards, in phases, of course, was fun and revealing; and gave me the focus I needed for my next DMP revision.

Additional bonuses start with my earmarking at least 3 days out of this week for prayer time!!  I also managed to get a concrete sense of accomplishment in publishing my MKE-Weeks 4 and 5 blog posts…

Some more MKE-related developments that I’m grateful for include:

partially knit socks

  1. Created my “Pictures” folder for my blog;
  2. Went for pleasurable 30-minute walk outdoors on a beautiful, crisp Fall day;
  3. Interacted within the Alliance topics in the MKE members area; and,
  4. Got comments on my DMP revision (in chronological order).

To Transforming A Yarn,

Shelley D.

MKE-Week 7: “All We Need is Love…”

This MKE week was a half-done effort, as when I ran across Haanel saying:  “[Your body’s] cells are all busy creating and recreating the body, but, in addition to this, they are endowed with PSYCHIC {my emphasis here!} activity whereby they can attract to themselves the substance necessary for perfect development.” (Master Key, 7-16)  Huh?  Psychic cells?

Then, before my 3rd read-and-sit still for 15 minutes afterward, I actually looked up the definition for “psychic”–along with 32 other Lesson 7 words!

“Of, relating to, affecting, or influenced by the human mind or psyche; mental” (

My scientific and Christian beliefs can now rest easy….

Additionally, I wanted to gain some perspective on the Law of Attraction (Haanel, Master Key, Lesson 7-23) by breaking down the 2 main words by their definitions, specifically:

  1. Law:  “a statement of fact, deduced from observation to the effect that a particular natural or scientific phenomenon always occurs if certain conditions are present” (Safari web browser online definition).
  2. Attraction:  “the action or power of drawing forth a response” (2nd definition,

Aiming for what I want to have, rather than what I DON’T want to have (Law of Attraction), I have learned thus far in the MKE.  Also, Haanel complements Scroll II nicely, in that Mandino repeatedly proclaims:

“I will greet this day with love in my heart.”


glowing red heart in circular rays


I continue to try not to have personal opinions and judgments; and, recently started the 7-Day Mental Diet (not entertaining negative thoughts)!  Slowly-but-surely…

To Transforming a Yarn,

Shelley D.